The Ultimate Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have In 2021:

If you do NOT have these items in your wardrobe, you need to get them now. One thing I have learned is that, you do not need EVERYTHING, but CERTAIN things to help your look come to life. Items you can layer, sets you can match, and accessories that go with everything.

If you are someone like me, who usually does not care about how I look, I certainly do care a lot when I try to look my best. Also being a cheapskate has pushed me to find ways to be able to look my best without trying too hard, or doing too much, or spending a lot.

I won't make this long at all, here are my Top 10 Outfit Essentials:

  1. Confidence! - I rate this as number one because in everything you do you need what? Confidence. You need to be bold enough to wear what you want, knowing someone will criticize it, but you know what? WHO CARES, 'CUS YOU CERTAINLY DON'T. Be confident in your own skin and mind. Let your visions flow and try many looks that make you feel happy.
  2. Thinking out the BOX - I am sorry, but I need you to challenge yourself. Fashion isn't meant to be boring, it is meant to be experimented with like in a lab, trial and error. We all have our fails when it comes to styling an outfit. but the beauty of it is, you can look back and learn from it, also get a good laugh. Thinking out the box allows you to go above those mental restrictions of what you can and cannot wear and gives you the freedom to try it anyway. Never worn those pants before? grab your size and try it on. Never had those kind of tops, try it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Don't be stuck within the box, step out and show out.
  3. Black/Blue bottoms (trousers, jeans, shorts ) - having one of these in your closet takes you one step closer to the perfect look. This is because black and blue are literally 2 colors that go with almost EVERYTHING. You can match blue jeans with yellow, purple, pink, and so much more. Black doesn't go with almost everything, it LITERARLY GOES WITH ALL COLORS OF THE RAINBOW. If you own a pair, start there.
  4. Solid basic top ( black, white, brown/nude) - I love me a solid colored top because sometimes, graphics on the top could throw the look off. If you have a nice round neck, turtleneck, or V-neck, it gives different vibes to the look. A round neck says "I'm relaxed", a turtleneck says "I'm serious", and V-neck says "I'm flirtatious". It all depends on the look you're going for, but any of these will work for sure.
  5. Black Shoes ( heels, flats, boots) - Okay! OKAY! Now this is something serious. Girls...Shoes can make or break your entire outfit. No joke. This is why I am an all black shoe fan. You can't go wrong. Get you some nice heels, or sneakers, or boots, that 'you will keep in good standing' for the times you want to dress up. I know we all have those every day shoes that are all dirty and wrinkled and just look wrong, so I suggest getting you a pair that you know will go with the kind of styles you like to go out with. 
  6. Layering Top  - Now this can be a blazer, a sweater, a coat/jacket, or a cardigan. Layering is something everyone does during the cold season, you can't avoid it, unless you like freezing. Get you a nice textured layering top that gives a small shift to the outfit, like knitted cardigans or leather jacket. Textures are a whole vibe and definitely help to elevate the entire look.
  7. Black/Brown Belt - Right, belts. Listen, I have gone through periods where I wish I had the right belt. Not only are they great for keeping your bottoms up, but they can be used to give another shift to the outfit. I want you to put on a pair of pants and top, and get a regular belt. Look at yourself without the belt, and then put the belt on, and look again. It makes a huge difference, no? It is important to get the right size belt as well so that it actually tightens up, but not too much where it causes your clothes to crunch up.
  8. Simple Solid Bag - I think having an accessory such as a bag, could be a handbag, clutch, or cute mini backpack is a great addition to the entire outfit. Not only does it allow you to not carry things in your hands or pockets, but it also does add a nice vibe to the entire look. Get you a black or brown bag, and watch it go with everything you wear, you wouldn't even need to think too much about it.
  9. Silver/Gold Jewelry/accessories (necklace, bracelet, earrings, hair pin/clips) - What can I say, I think we both know that jewelry is one of the greatest staples to completing an outfit. It really adds some kind of bougieness to the look without you having to try too hard. You could rock sweatpants and t-shirt and look basic, but add some gold hoop earrings, a necklace, and/or watch/bracelet, and it elevates everything entirely. Trust me, you do not have to get the most expensive jewelry out there, Most jewelries I've had have lasted me a while due to how I take care of it, so you can go to walmart or ardene or something and get you some cute ones and wear em, make them look expensive.
  10. Perfume/mist/deodorant - Now this one I know is a bit touchy, just because not everyone uses them, especially perfume, but I believe in good scent. When someone smells good, no joke, you look good to me already. I love when someone smells heavenly and look bummy, it makes me not think of you looking bummy but, damn, where did you get that perfume, or mist, etc. A good smell coming from you also invites more people to be drawn towards you, it just does.



So, there you have it, these are my 10 ultimate essentials to have this year and FOREVER.

Let me know if you agree with these and also, what are your ultimate essentials, if there are different from the ones I already have.



Much love to you and God bless you.


Christelle Katanda


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