I Created a Faith Board for 2022.

I Created a Faith Board for 2022.

Hey friend, do you have a vision board? Something you’ve put together that keeps you in line with your life plans, or goals for the year.

I just created one, it’s more like a Faith Board. I made it in January 2022. On this board, they are things I am asking God to help me accomplish. Things that many people think are impossible, but I don’t believe that it’s true.

See, my faith in God has grown drastically over the few years and keeps growing every day. It is so hard to explain but, God really makes me happy. He has shown me multiple times that He listens to me. I have even started writing in my little journals occasionally and trying to have more bible study sessions to get closer to Him.

You know, dreaming has become very hard for people. Reaching for the skies seem so unrealistic now, and its such a shame. I don’t think people understand that the things we wish we had are so small compared to the plans God has for us. A lot of times we do not realize that it is our lack of trust in Him that stop those plans from happening in our lives. So, when we do not see these things happen now, we lose faith and hope, and just continue to do the bare minimum, or try to simply fit in with the crowd.

Since starting my business 2 years ago now, in 2020, I truly thought that I would have made at least 6 figures that year, because that was the year EVERYONE was shopping online due to the pandemic, but I got disappointed when the year was almost over, and I hadn’t made nearly as much as I thought I was going to. In fact, I made close to nothing, if I must be honest. I mean I sell women’s clothing for crying out loud, how did I not sell. I honestly looked to God like… is this really what I should be doing. After all you gave me this dream, after all everyone is online now, so why is no one coming to my store.

I slowly started realizing that I was all over the place. I didn’t have a clear plan, I didn’t really have a vision, my eyes were set on the wrong thing, which was the $$ instead of trying to capture the attention of the proper audience first. To do that, I had to take a step back and figure out who am I doing this for, what kind of business do I want to run, what is my goal. I soon realized that I honestly cannot keep doing this without God. For me to come to that understanding and realization, I had to understand how God works. Who God is, and Why He does things a certain way.

I came to understand God is a patient one, He doesn’t rush for anybody, let me tell you. You ask Him one thing for tomorrow, and He will make it happen the next year, which really…is tomorrow, am I right? LOL. But seriously though, I came to see that even though you work so hard and see no results right away, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you, it’s really a good test of your endurance and faith. Will you keep going or give up?

Another thing I came to understand is God focuses on you and you alone, so you also must do the same. He will not give you the same blessings as He gave someone else. It may look similar, but it is definitely not the same. If he gave someone success the first year they started their business for instance, and you started the same time but are still struggling to meet the stats, you just do not know why they were given that success early. You also do not know how hard that person worked either, you do not know how it was all planned out before they started, this is to say there is a story behind everyone’s success story. It is a unique journey for each person. People who become a success do not focus on other people but themselves.

Coming to learn these things have given me a much more different view at life and God’s hand in our lives. I do not want to test God, as in play games like oh if you really are God, do this. No. Me creating my faith Board was to show God Himself like, look, I am taking a leap of faith in you. These things in the naked eye may seem so far fetched, but you, and you alone cane make it a reality. You alone have the power to make all of this happen for me, this year. I want to remove all the doubts I have and fully jump with you on these few points I have written. Show me that I am not crazy for believing in you like this. Show me these are small things compared to what you have planned for me.

I want these to happen not to show off to other people, but to prove to myself that really and indeed, God is real, and my faith will grow even stronger. Not that I need to see it to believe it, but He did say to ask and believe He will answer, so that is what I am doing.

What if they do not happen this year? you may ask. Well, I choose not to believe that. The whole point is believing fully in God and doing everything you can to get closer to Him, by reading the bible, spreading love, helping people, going to church, just being who He wants me to be, I doubt He wouldn’t make a way for me as I have asked. He has done it through many other people, who says He won’t for me?

What do you have faith in? What do you want God to do for you? Have you noted it down? Maybe you should create a faith board too and start talking to God about it…
- Christelle Katanda.



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