I'M LOGiiC | How I Started my Online Business

I'M LOGiiC | How I Started my Online Business

Okay, I know that you guys have probably read the "about me" story on my website already, and have an idea of how the thought of starting an online business came about. Like I mentioned, I woke up from a dream that I was running a clothing business and was basically dealing with well known people. Which to me seemed like a message saying, "if you pursue this and not stop, you'll have great success". So I prayed on it, and started researching.

What I didn't fully mention was what I did, what I went through, what I lost and gained throughout this journey. I also noticed that not that many people talk about what they go through starting a business all on their own.

Before I start, are you possibly thinking about starting your own business? Are you curious about it? Are you scared to do it?

Well, I hope what I say here, not only encourages you, but opens your eyes to the fact that there are multiple ways of doing it, you have to just find what works for you, and trying out the waters a few times is better than continuing in something that doesn't work for you.

SO, let's get right into it...

Listen ! I had no IDEA on how to start a business. Any kind of business for that matter. I was just an undergrad, who was working part time to get money, but wasn't quite good at properly save money. I was and still am, one of the cheapest people I know, and did my best saving money, but guess what ! Just because you get 5 items for $20 doesn't mean you're a great saver. I noticed my money was actually going regardless of how many things I got for a bargain. I always said, I have $100, I will definitely not spend it on just 2-3 items, but hey, give me more than 5 and its a deal. I didn't save anything, I just got more things that I didn't even need. 

When I noticed that was my kind of mentality, I knew just one point of income will not suit my life. I needed plenty, I wanted money to flow to me left and right, but didn't know how I was going to do that, why? Because to start a business, you need to invest in a business. More CHA CHING !



To be continued...