How to Dress Accordingly and Beautifully for Church

How to Dress Accordingly and Beautifully for Church

Have you ever been like me, struggle to pick out a good outfit for Sunday Service? Every Sunday, it’s a problem, not because I don’t have a lot of clothes, but because sometimes what I want to wear isn’t what I can wear.

For example, I want to wear leather pants, but the leather pants are super tight, and the tops I have that are long enough to cover my butt do not match well together, so then I’d start thinking of another outfit… see where I’m going with this? 

Even so, I believe to have found a solution to my problems, there is always a solution. Let me tell you how I find it easier to dress for church now.



  • One thing about me, I DO NOT LIKE BEING LATE FOR SERVICE. I have to be there for Praise and Worship, because remember God is there early and it’s important to honor that.

  • I choose to think of something to wear on a Saturday night, I don’t pick something out yet until I have a vision of what I want. Many people say you shouldn’t worry about what to wear to church, how you look doesn’t matter, but I agree and also disagree.
  • In the book of Ecclesiastes 9:8 NLT says, “Wear fine clothes, with a splash of cologne!” God wants us to look good, to feel good when we come to meet with Him. He doesn’t want us to look poor for we are not poor, we are rich in His name, He wants us to enjoy the fine clothes, not only for other social gatherings, but for Him also. So yes. I’m going to look like your rich boogie auntie at church, Okayy?


  • Think about the pieces of clothing that are out of question, definitely not church worthy, and cancel them out.
  • How about the clothes that are on the edge, wearable but also not so wearable. start thinking about how you can alter the look to make it more acceptable for church service.
  • Think about the clothes that you can totally wear to church that you don't have to think twice about.


  • I love to put many looks together, especially those that don't look like they'll go together to come up with something completely new. I love taking risks sometimes, it might just surprise you.
  • Think of simple colors, neutrals, then think about color blocks and or printed clothes. The colors and prints of the outfit matters!


  • Decide what kind of bottoms you want to wear. Don't leave it at just pants. Think. do you want jeans? trousers? wide legs? leggings? Be more specific, it makes it very easy. Do the same thing for the tops to the layering.
  • Once you have decided, only take out those items, for example; jeans - I will look at all my jeans and choose one; button up shirt - I look at all my button up shirts and pick one that will go with the jeans; blazer - I look at all my blazers and choose one that will not clash with the jeans and top I already picked out.
  • From that you an outfit to go with. Then add the little things to elevate the look, such as jewelry, perfume, shoes, and bag, even hairstyle.
  • Put everything aside so that when you wake up, you take a shower, maybe put on makeup or not, fix your hair, and wear the items already spread out for you.


This is how I my process goes when choosing a church outfit. Your process might not be the same, but for me, this way, I don't have stress. I have to have the feels for a look, it may be because of what I've been wearing throughout the week that pushes me to want to change it up a bit, or just my overall mood.


To the clothes that you think are too risky to wear, why? too much cleavage? too tight? There is always a work around those. On my next blog I will talk about the different types of ways you can change unacceptable looks into to acceptable looks for your next church service.


I hope these pointers helped, and if you want to know more, you can always reach me on social media below:






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