Thinking of my FUTURE

It is essential for someone to stop and wonder about what they want their future to be like, what they want to accomplish, and what they want to experience. I have learned you are the master of your life, therefore, sitting around isn't going to bring me anywhere. I'M LOGiiC is a platform I founded where I could keep myself busy and keep me pushing. It reassures me that anything is possible if you work hard for it. I love fashion, I love people, SO, why don't I do something that involves both? On top of both of those, I love GOD, so I decided to build a brand that surrounds all three of those concepts. I make myself work hard to bring you great pieces that you would be proud of sharing. key factor, "the JOY of sharing love through my clothing". That, to me, is important. I know God has great plans for me in the future, so, I will see you there.